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Advantages of Dentix Dental Practices

An increasing number of patients are benefiting from the advantages offered by Dentix. We can say with certainty that one third of our new patients have visited Dentix through someone else's recommendation. Our team of specialists has years of experience in dentistry and they work to offer you the best experience in all of our dental practices.

Primera visita y radiografía gratuitasFirst visit and X-ray for free First visit and X-ray for free

Free, no-obligation panoramic X-ray and personalised diagnosis

Choosing your dentist and your practice is very important. This is the team you are going to be trusting with something as important as your mouth. Why wouldn't you want to test them out beforehand?

We want you to really get to know us; discover how we work; have us explain your diagnosis and treatment in detail; how much it's going to cost and how long it will last. We want to answer all of your questions.

That's why we offer you a free first visit and X-ray with no strings attached. When you come to Dentix for the first time, this is what your initial visit will look like:

  • Personal interview and past medical history.
  • Check-up performed by the specialist.
  • A panoramic X-ray is taken.
  • Analysis with intraoral camera.
  • Explanation of the diagnosis and delivery of results (X-ray and images).
  • Suggested treatment with a 3D explanation and price.

And with your diagnosis, recommended treatment and price. You decide. But without having to pay a dime. And this way you can really get to know us beforehand.

Your mouth is important to you. And to us.

Custom financingCustom financing

Now at Dentix you can choose the financing plan that best suits your treatment

The only thing you'll have to worry about is smiling. At Dentix we know that there are certain individualised treatments that have an elevated cost due to the material and instruments that are required. However, you still need them. For this reason, we want to make it so that cost isn’t an obstacle by offering you custom financing.

  • dentiflex

    (1) Financing example of €5,000 to be paid back in 20, 30 or 40 instalments of €250, €166.67 or €125 and a minimum down payment of €75, €100 and €125 respectively.
    Setup fee 1%. 0% NIR Total amount due: €5,050. Promotions cannot be combined.

    (2) Approval subject to the client's financial and risk situation at the time of processing..

  • We work with all of these financial institutions

    Dentix entrusts the financing of its services to the following companies in the sector. In order to offer a solution for every type of need.

Years of experience in dentistryYears of experience in dentistry

We are backed by our 15 years of experience offering you all of our services.


Our professionals have the training, qualifications and experience needed to guarantee results.

But at Dentix, our diagnoses are strengthened by a second medical opinion in order to make all the necessary adjustments. What is the medical organisation like at each Dentix practice?

All practices have a Director of Dentistry who reviews, evaluates and confirms the diagnoses of all initial visits, in addition to monitoring any special cases.

The same medical director supervises treatments and laboratory tests, as well as the final work that is performed.

In addition, if the specialist or medical director needs to get a third opinion, a medical director and a head of surgery at the national level supervises their work and helps to clarify any of their doubts and focus.

We put all our experience at the service of your smile.

Timetables and personalised serviceTimetables and personalised service

Open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm We allow you to choose the time and the day that best fit in with your lifestyle.


We're fully aware that nobody likes going to the dentist, which is why we allow you to choose the time and the day that best fit in with your lifestyle.

All our practices are open 12 hours a day - from 09:00 am to 9:00 pm - six days a week - Monday to Saturday - so that you can always find an available time slot that fits your schedule. We also know that sometimes your mouth doesn't give any warning and pain can appear at any time. With our timetable, we will almost always be available to attend to an emergency.

And this flexibility allows us to adapt to you and your treatment.

Customers, no. Patients, yes.Customers, no. Patients, yes.

We worry about your health and not your profitability.


Supervision and internal collaboration protocols:

  • General Surgical Director. They supervise each practice's overall work at the national level, researching trends and equipment while marking the training guidelines for the entire team. A unique figure at Dentix who implements the global quality strategy.
  • Director of Dentistry at each practice. Each centre has a medical director whose sole task is to supervise the work being done and give the specialists a second opinion. You will meet them personally when you visit your practice. In addition, the work of these directors is coordinated by a national medical director.
  • Process Coordinators. At the national level, these people are responsible for reviewing and constantly improving how we work.
  • At the same time, we continuously measure and evaluate ourselves. In order to improve, we have to be in the loop with everything that’s taking place; first hand; without taboos. To do so, we have implemented unique controls within the dentistry world:
  • Mystery shopping programme. "False Patients" are constantly visiting our practices, looking for areas for improvement.
  • Internal auditors of protocols. Constant supervision of the work carried out and the applied operations.
  • Patient satisfaction programme. Continuous satisfaction surveys on key points regarding our relationship with patients.

Continuous improvement. Satisfied patients.