An increasing number of patients are benefiting from the advantages offered by Dentix. We can say with certainty that one third of our new patients visit Dentix based on someone else's recommendation.

Our customer satisfaction is due to the Dentix Method, which guarantees the success of each treatment.

To this end, at your Dentix London Kilburn practice, we offer you a team of experts with extensive experience who are backed by the latest cutting-edge technology and who will be able to address any dental needs you may have all in one place, including dental check-ups, implants, endodontics, periodontics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Furthermore, as part of the Dentix Method, we don’t want anything to keep you from smiling, which is why we offer promotions in pricing and interest-free financing for up to 60 months.

Make an appointment online at Dentix London Kilburn on Kilburn High Road and discover the advantages of the Dentix Method for yourself with a free initial check-up.

Financiar tratamiento dental
Financiación tratamiento dental Dentix<br />


  • Enjoy healthy and beautiful teeth from just £1,550 or £32.30 per month, thanks to dental implants. Get your smile back by replacing the lost natural pieces with our high-quality titanium pieces.

    Dental implants Treatment
  • Thanks to orthodontics, you will have a perfect, enviable smile. At Dentix we can offer you everything from a traditional, basic, metal orthodontic solution to the latest in aesthetic orthodontic treatments.

    Orthodontics Treatment
  • A lack of oral hygiene can cause diseases. At Dentix we treat and solve these problems in order to keep your teeth healthy. Stop neglecting your smile and come visit us.

    Periodontics Treatment
  • Endodontics is the immediate and definitive solution to the painful discomfort caused by an affected nerve. Go to any Dentix dental practice and don't lose a tooth.

    Endodontic Treatment
  • Thanks to the latest techniques, mouths can now be rehabilitated even when there are no teeth. And you can recover convenience, your smile and, of course, the feeling of being confident and comfortable with yourself.

    Dental prostheses treatment

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