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Discover the Dentix Method

At Dentix we have created an innovative method called the Dentix Method, in order to meet the dental needs of all our patients. Dentix offers a unique method that allows us to offer the most advanced dentistry at the best price as well as the ability to maintain the highest-quality standards.

Affordably priced

At Dentix we have prices within your reach for any of our treatments.

The objective of all Dentix practices is the same: to attend to the dental needs of our patients in a comprehensive way and at the best price. In order to offer quality at a good price, Dentix buys materials internationally, allowing it to achieve economies of scale when negotiating prices with its suppliers, resulting in a lower cost when compared to independent professionals

Services offered in our own practices

All Dentix practices are our own (not franchises), without intermediaries.

While others create franchises, we work on developing our own practices.

While others work with traditional structures, we form comprehensive teams in each practice to offer an integral service.

While others only think about the client, we think about the patient.

This is Dentix. We work efficiently, with the latest technologies, and we place all of the means and services of our professionals within your reach. We adapt to your needs.

Today we have more than 350 of our own practices to offer you, and that number is only going up. Our model adapts to your needs in every possible way.

Expert staff

All of our practices have an expert team that will always be by your side.

Our team of professionals is our best cover letter.

We are more than 7,000 health professionals eager to make sure that your visit to our practices is as great as you deserve. From your free initial diagnosis to the last check-ups after treatment, you will feel that an experienced team is waiting to offer you excellent care and their professional help.

A cavity, a dental implant, whitening or a fixed prosthesis: whatever you need, allow yourself to be looked after and advised by our experts.

Trained and experienced staff. Second opinion methodology. Continuous training and upgrading. At Dentix we make a great team.

State-of-the-art technology

The use of cutting-edge technology such as CBCT Scan or CAD/CAM allows us to guarantee a high-quality treatment.


CBCT Scan. Maximum security for the implant process.

At this time, the CBCT Scan is the most innovative, effective and highly-appreciated system by professionals who use it to make the best diagnosis.

Thanks to the CBCT Scan, that is cost-effective and emits a minimum amount of radiation, we achieve a vision of the complete maxilla with a level of detail that no other technological solution can offer.

And all our Dentix practices have it.


CAD/CAM integral laboratory. Prostheses made with exact measurements.

When producing the prosthesis with this technology, the measurements are exact, the selected products are better adapted, the aesthetic result is superior and your satisfaction will be even greater.

With CAD/CAM, everything is in your favour:

  • The recovery time is shorter; everything fits in more naturally and easily.
  • Each rehabilitation is personalised and custom designed.
  • It offers the widest range of products, being able to select the one that best works with your diagnosis: Zirconia in four colours, Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Chromium-Cobalt and Titanium.
  • The fit is better and therefore so is its duration and reliability.

Intraoral camera. Get all of your mouth's details before making a diagnosis.

In all diagnoses, we use advanced intraoral cameras that allow your dental professional to view the details of your oral cavity enlarged and at maximum resolution on a PC, they can save the image for a later analysis and use it as the perfect support tool for a diagnosis and monitoring.

4-megapixel resolution, cold LED lights for better illumination, higher contrast and a reduced size for maximum patient comfort, the intraoral camera helps us to provide the best treatment.