First visit and X-ray for free

Free, no-obligation panoramic X-ray and personalized diagnosis

Choosing your dentist and your practice is very important. This is the team you are going to be trusting with something as important as your mouth. Why wouldn't you want to test them out beforehand?

We want you to really get to know us; discover how we work; have us explain your diagnosis and treatment in detail; how much it's going to cost and how long it will last. We want to answer all of your questions.

That's why we offer you a free first visit and X-ray with no strings attached. When you come to Dentix for the first time, this is what your initial visit will look like:

  • Personal interview and medical history.
  • Check-up performed by the specialist.
  • A panoramic X-ray is taken.
  • Analysis with intraoral camera.
  • Explanation of the diagnosis and delivery of results (X-ray and images).
  • Suggested treatment with a 3D explanation and price.

And with your diagnosis, recommended treatment and price. You decide. But without having to pay a penny. And this way you can really get to know us beforehand.

Your mouth is important to you. And to us.