Dental implants

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Unitary dental implants Unitary dental implants

Unitary dental implants

Don't give up on your mouth: you need all of your teeth. If you have lost a tooth, don't hesitate to visit one of our dental practices. Our specialists will be responsible for diagnosing your mouth, completely free of charge, and they will recommend the most appropriate solution based on your needs.

Unitary implant procedure

First, we simulate the tooth root with a biocompatible titanium structure that is inserted into the bone.

On this structure we attach a metal and ceramic implant, which is resistant and natural looking, that allows us to replace your tooth without touching the neighbouring teeth.

The titanium implants are placed in the bone, effectively attaching the teeth while preventing mobility and facilitating chewing.

This is a simple and painless process that will allow you to recover the complete functionality of your teeth, regaining an aesthetically-pleasing look and your confidence.


Implant-supported bridge Implant-supported bridge

Titanium dental implants

If you have lost several teeth, the solution is a bridge over a dental implant. This treatment is carried out when there is a loss of two or more teeth.

Implant-supported bridge procedure

First, we anchor two biocompatible titanium dental implants to the bone that will act as a root, firmly supporting the chewing forces.

On these structures we attach a fixed prosthesis of three teeth, made of metal and ceramic, to provide your new teeth with complete functionality. Thus helping you to recover a natural and healthy appearance.

With this we get to provide your teeth with complete functionality and therefore they can recover a natural and healthy appearance.


Implant-supported fixed prosthesis Implant-supported fixed prosthesis

Fixed prosthesis

If you are missing all of your teeth, you can opt for a permanent solution using a fixed dental prosthesis.

Implant-supported fixed prosthesis procedure

First, we implant eight biocompatible titanium implants into the bone, which will hold the prosthesis in place and adequately distribute the chewing force. On these anchors, we attach each new dental implant individually. Made of metal and ceramic, the result is a completely natural look with greater strength and durability.

The result is the closest thing to getting your own teeth back.


Overdentures on dental implants Overdentures on dental implants

Titanium dental implant

The overdenture model for full dentures is a solution that offers you security and simplicity. This type of removable prosthesis is anchored on the implants to improve support, retention and stability.

Overdentures on implants procedure

First, we distribute four biocompatible titanium dental implants along the gum, simulating the function of the dental roots, securing the denture to the bone.

On these "new roots", we attach a metal structure on which the full denture is clamped in place. As a result, you have the peace of mind and aesthetics of a fixed denture, with the freedom to easily remove, reposition and clean your prosthesis.


Implant-supported hybrid prosthesis Implant-supported hybrid prosthesis

Hybrid dental prosthesis

When having no teeth has caused the bone to lose its volume, the most appropriate solution is a hybrid prosthesis screwed into the implants.

Procedure for an implant-supported hybrid prosthesis

First we create six support points that will act as a fixed base for the prosthesis. They consist of biocompatible titanium dental implants that connect the structure to the bone.

Next, we attach a prosthesis with a metal base and resin structure to the implants, with all of the teeth.

Thus giving you an aesthetically-pleasing solution, which recovers the expressiveness and functionality of your mouth in a cost-effective way.


Maxillary sinus lift Maxillary sinus lift

Sinus lift

When the bone that supports the denture is insufficient for placing a dental implant, we can restore it by performing a maxillary sinus lift. This treatment will allow us to place dental implants despite the lack of bone.

Maxillary sinus lift procedure

This simple intervention consists of restoring the sinus membrane to its correct position, then filling in the free space with a substitute bone. This way we gain the strength needed to place your dental implant in a completely secure way.

With all the security you need so that nothing can prevent you from enjoying your beautiful smile once again. 


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