Dental prostheses

Thanks to the latest techniques, mouths can now be rehabilitated even when there are no teeth.

With dental prosthesis treatments, it is possible to replace one or more teeth, either using fixed, removable or hybrid dental prostheses.

At Dentix we guarantee that you'll recover convenience, your smile and, of course, the feeling of being confident and comfortable with yourself.

Types of dental prostheses

Fixed dental prosthesis Fixed dental prosthesis


If you are missing all of your teeth, you can opt for a permanent solution using a fixed dental prosthesis. This type of dental prosthesis is the ideal solution in terms of chewing and should be taken care of and cleaned as if it were our own teeth.

Fixed dental prosthesis procedure

At Dentix, the first thing we do is implant eight biocompatible titanium pieces in the bone, which will hold the dental prosthesis in place and adequately distribute the chewing force.

On these anchors, we fix each new dental piece individually.

Made of metal and ceramic, the new pieces combine a completely natural look with greater strength and durability.

The result is the closest thing to getting your own teeth back.

Removable dental prosthesisRemovable dental prosthesis


The overdenture model for full dentures is a solution that offers you security and simplicity.

The removable dental prosthesis is screwed in and mounted on the dental implants, and the patient can remove it for cleaning.

Implant-supported overdentureImplant-supported overdenture

The overdentures are prostheses that are placed on implants, they can be defined as a fully removable prosthesis.

The advantage of this type of implant is that it allows the patient to benefit from an improved mobility of the prosthesis, with better chewing thanks to the prosthesis being attached to the implants.

Overdenture procedure

First, we distribute four biocompatible titanium dental implants along the gum, which simulate the function of the dental roots, securing the denture to the bone.

On these "new roots", we attach a metal structure on which the full denture is clamped in place.

As a result, you have the peace of mind and aesthetics of a fixed denture, with the freedom to easily remove, reposition and clean your dental prosthesis.

Basic metal prosthesisBasic metal prosthesis

Metallic prostheses are the most widely-used dental prostheses. These prostheses are made from different metal alloys and a resin structure.

Basic metal prosthesis procedure

First we create six support points that will act as a fixed base for the prosthesis. They consist of biocompatible titanium implants that connect the structure to the bone.

Next, we attach a prosthesis with a metal base and resin structure to the implants, with all of the teeth.

An aesthetically-pleasing solution, which recovers the expressiveness and functionality of your mouth in a cost-effective way.

Prótesis dental híbridaHybrid dental prosthesis

Basic metal prosthesis

When having no teeth has caused the bone to lose its volume, the most appropriate solution is a hybrid dental prosthesis.

CAD/CAM technology

At Dentix, our teams of specialists have state-of-the-art technology to improve the precision of each treatment.

The CAD/CAM technology offers greater precision in dental prosthesis treatments.

The use of this technology leads to significant savings for the patient, both the economic cost and the time spent on treatment.

Likewise, the fidelity, accuracy and precision with which this technology helps to create dental pieces is unlike any other system used.


The Dentix Method in dental prosthesis treatments

The Dentix Method guarantees a successful treatment for all of our patients.

To this end, the Dentix Method commits to having qualified professionals in all of our practices with extensive experience in the placement of all types of dental prostheses.

In addition, our professionals have cutting-edge technology at their disposal, such as CAD/CAM systems for greater efficiency.

What's more, the Dentix Method also provides you with access to exclusive offers and interest-free financing for your dental prosthesis treatment.

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